Bariatric Surgery (Surgical & Non Surgical)

Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an advance effect on health leading to increased health problems. Obesity has negative health implications and predisposes one to diabetes, high BP, heart problem and breathing difficulty. Obese people have the obvious disfigurement to deal with as well. Obesity and associated co-morbidities will cause a significant burden on the health care costs which can cripple most world economies. Selection of the obesity surgical procedures is individualized. These obesity treatments are performed by the best Obesity surgeons through key-hole methods. Within a year of surgery, massive weight loss and fat reductions is expected. This could lead to loose skin in many areas, which can be treated effectively &comprehensively following your obesity surgery at our cosmetic centre.

Resistant deposits require fat reductions which lead to further weight loss. Please refer to the service body contouring after massive weight loss for more details regarding post obesity surgery, cosmetic corrections. Obesity Surgery in India has reached new levels of expertise and the Obesity Surgeons at Liberty are the most experienced and efficient in these Bariatric surgery procedures.

If you are interested in Obesity treatment in India, then the Cosmetic Surgery in Liberty provide a comprehensive consultation on the different modalities for Bariatric Surgery, body contouring for substantial weight loss and post bariatric surgery corrective procedures. You can start the consultation process online by sending a query or registering with us and sending your pictures through this secure mail portal.

We comprehensively addresses the evaluation, management and treatment of obesity with the latest in evaluation techniques including an exhaustive endocrine profiling to rule out metabolic disorders as well as offer the entire range of surgical procedures including Bariatric surgery, post weight loss body shaping procedures, counseling, customized dietary schedules and supply of the same as a home delivery service as well as non surgical weight loss techniques.

At Liberty Cosmetic &Laser Centre, we don’t simply provide treatments we recognize your needs extend beyond the treatments itself.

Our dedicated post- treatment care is designed with your comfort and care in mind. Our entire staff from the expert team of aestheticians & plastic surgeons ,will ensure you are treated with utmost care and warmth.

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