Breast Augmentation (Surgical & Non Surgical)

Breast Augmentation

Breast size, shape and proportion play a unique role in every woman’s self-perception, sense of physical balance, femininity, and confidence. The constant focus in the media on models with figures that are perceived as perfect and normal, has led to women raising their own benchmarks about the appearance of their bodies. Breast Implants give an attractive shape to the body that boosts self-esteem and body image, and as a result, sexual satisfaction with a partner.

Breast Augmentation surgery, also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, is the surgical placement of breast implants under a woman’s breasts. It will balance out your proportions and enhance your femininity.

The goal of Breast Augmentation surgery is to restore natural breast volume and shape.Women choose breast implants for reasons such as, a lack of breast tissue development, alterations in body shape after pregnancy or weight loss, asymmetry of their breasts due to congenital reasons, breast Cancer surgery reconstruction.

This popular breast procedure is ideal not only in restoring a feminine figure, but also for improving a woman’s self-image and self- confidence.Factors such as breast implant type, incision location, and implant placement will all be discussed and decided during your consultation with the doctor.

Selecting the “right” breast implant size is highly dependent on the patient’s body type as well as on her aesthetic goals for surgery. The best way for a patient to make sure she selects the appropriate implant size is to come in for a consultation, so the plastic surgeon can evaluate her anatomy and suggest a suitable implant size.

Prior to surgery, patients can also try on breast prosthetic of different sizes during their consultation.

During consultation, the plastic surgeon evaluates the patient’s anatomy, including body type and frame; listens to her aesthetic objectives; and recommends a suitable treatment protocol, including the type of breast implant which will best satisfy the patient’s unique needs.

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