Eye bag correction ( Surgical )

Eye bag correction

An eye bag Correction can help men and women of all ages to overcome the inevitable signs of skin ageing above, below and around the eyes.

This procedure is typically performed to produce a fresher and more youthful eye appearance. The ultimate aim of the surgery is to remove or relocate fat and smooth the loose, lined skin that can be associated with sun damage and the ageing process. This correction procedure will create a brighter, fresher, more youthful eye area and improve the overall facial appearance without leaving obvious signs that surgery has taken place.

This procedure can help those who have loose or hanging skin on the upper lid area and a full and heavy creased appearance below the eye brow margin.

This procedure is typically performed to improve a tired eye appearance caused by localized areas of lined skin, excess fat and puffiness beneath the eye area itself these problem areas are commonly referred to as ‘eye- bags’.

Early signs of ageing and sun damage tend to affect the fragile skin around the eye margin long before other facial areas become affected. It is consequently quite common for patients to request this procedure prior to or as a complementary procedure to other facial surgery, such as a facelift or laser resurfacing procedure in later years.

These procedures can be performed singularly or in combination and can be performed under both local and general anaesthetic. The type of anaesthetic will often dictate how long a patient is expected to stay in hospital to recover. A procedure performed under local anaesthetic will commonly be performed as a day case and a procedure performed under general anaesthetic will commonly involve an overnight stay in hospital. Under normal conditions a Eye-Bag Correction procedure can take from one to one and a half hours to perform.

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