Eyebrow Transplant ( Surgical )

Eyebrow Transplant

Beautiful eyebrows are one of the most feminine facial features. Accentuating and highlighting the eyes, properly shaped and positioned eyebrows can give the entire face a more naturally youthful, feminine and attractive appearance. If your eyebrows appear hooded or aged, a eyebrow transplant may be the best solution. You’ll be amazed at the difference this simple procedure can make in your appear.

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most aesthetically challenging procedures to perform, but when done by experts, can provide an impressive result. This procedure requires the careful making of recipient sites for the hairs that will determine the direction and angulation of growth, as well as the aesthetic designing of what should be natural appearing eyebrows that complement the rest of the patient’s facial features.

One of the best aspects of an eyebrow transplantation is that the procedure to have it done is rather straightforward. Depending on the extent of what you want ,whether a small amount of restoration in order to cover a scar or a full restoration to thick eyebrows, the procedure can involve the transplanting of anywhere from 50 to as many as 400 grafts per eyebrow, with each graft containing typically one or two hairs. The first step is the designing of the eyebrows, done in conjunction with your feedback, with our doctor making sure the design is aesthetic and natural appearing. Most patients take some oral sedation, and once the anesthesia is injected.

Eyebrow Transplant is a delicate procedure demanding high skills and experience. We understand the importance of transplanting single hair folicular units and the tangential direction used while implanting follicles to give perfectly natural appearance.

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