Mega Liposuction & Abdominoplasty ( Surgical )

Mega Liposuction & Abdominoplasty

The pressure on people to have good looks and a great body is increasing rapidly. It is also making liposuction surgery the most common aesthetic procedure performed across the world and India as well. It has also happened because of the increased peer pressure, expected outcomes, changing lifestyles, and the increased safety associated with these procedures.

Fat accumulation happens due to an unbridled life style, dietary indiscretion or both. Women who have gone through childbirth also find themselves in such a situation due to difficulty in losing weight and having stretch marks and loose skin in addition.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure by which excess fat is removed from the body.There are no stitches or visible scar. Up to 3 to 6 liters of fat can be extracted in a single sitting. Abdomen and hip are the common places treated. Buttock, flanks, back folds, double chin, thighs and arms can also be reduced by this wonderful procedure.It is performed to aesthetically enhance a persons body shape. An important point to remember is that Liposuction is not a tool for w.eight reduction. It is not a substitute for dieting and a healthy lifestyle.

Some factors like the genetic makeup and aging are beyond our control. Even after vigorous exercise and a proper diet, some localized accumulations of fat do not disappear. These stubborn fat lumps can be taken care of by Liposuction.

Liposuction can be thought of as a sculpting tool for enhancing the body appearance by chiseling out extra fat like the lower abdominal paunch, double chin, hanging arms, love handles, blouse rolls etc.  Book an appointment and discuss your condition in detail. Liposuction also improves Insulin tolerance and hence can prevent latent diabetic patients from developing full blown diabetes.

Abdominoplasty is the plastic surgery for pendulous abdomen. Here liposuction alone will not be beneficial. In abdominoplasty operation excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen is removed, lax abdominal muscles tightened and the umbilicus is re positioned at a higher point. Finally upper abdominal skin flap is pulled down and stitched just above the groin level. This makes the abdomen look flat.

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