Melanocyte transplant ( Surgical )

Melanocyte transplant

Melanocyte transplantation Also known as Non-cultured Melanocyte- Keratinocyte Transplantation Procedure (MKTP) is the latest modification in the surgical management of Vitiligo/Leukoderma. It involves separating skin cells from normal skin and transplanting on white spots as a cell suspension after removal of upper layer of skin superficially. It can be performed in 1 to 3 hours as a day care procedure. In this treatment large affected lesions can be treated. The cosmetic results achieved are superior to other surgical methods such as skin grafting and punch grafting. Moreover, the difficult to treat areas like bony surface, areola, genitals and knuckles can also be treated with excellent results.Melanocytes are skin cells which produce melanin. A complete absence of skin colour usually means that melanocytes have been destroyed.

This is an innovative treatment to take melanocytes from a healthy area of the skin and transfer them as cellular suspension onto the de-pigmented patches. This process is performed in our clinic with expert cosmetologists with utmost care and cutting-edge technology.

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