Post Acne Pits & Scar Removal ( Minor Procedures )

Post Acne Pits & Scar Removal

No one has to live with permanent scars and dark spots that can develop as acne clears. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, dermatologists offer their patients many safe and effective treatment options. Treatment can diminish scars. It can even fade those stubborn dark spots on the skin. Scars are known to have profound psychological implications like lowering the self-esteem substantially. The way a scar develops depends as much on how your body heals as it does on the original injury or on the surgeon's skills. Many scars that appear large and unattractive at first may become less noticeable with time. Some can be treated with steroids to relieve symptoms such as tenderness and itching. Scars may or may not be removed permanently, but in the hands of expert cosmetic surgeons they can be improved in appearance, made less obvious through the injection or application of certain steroid medications or through surgical procedures known as scar revisions.

At Liberty Cosmetic &Laser Centre, we don’t simply provide treatments we recognize your needs extend beyond the treatments itself.

Our dedicated post- treatment care is designed with your comfort and care in mind. Our entire staff from the expert team of aestheticians & plastic surgeons ,will ensure you are treated with utmost care and warmth.

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